Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jour 18e.

Hallo!!! I'll get straight to the point, because I must prepare my suitcases!!! My christmas vacations are starting TODAY, since I'm visiting my best friend on Athens!!! I will be staying there until New Year's Eve. Then, when I am back I will do a post, probably on my other blog, Around the World , in which I write about different places and photos of them. If you paid some time to visit it, I would be really glad :) Anyway, today is time for the 18th day of the beauty challenge, and I will make a reference to my favourite beauty expert. Mine is a greek one, Grigoris Pirpilis, the make up artist of Maybelline New York.

I first saw him at Next Top Model, where  he was the main make up artist for the contestants. In each episode he used MNY products on different contastants, in just 3 minutes, creating a great look.

This is the look he suggests for a black tie event, for the christmas and New Year's Eve party etc.

Firstly, he applies color sensational lip line,no.540. Then he applies red lipstick no.527,ideal for very light skins, which gives a rich and creamy result. For a richer and darker result, he applies no.560 from color sensational gloss series, in the centre of her lips.
For rich volume, length and division, he uses Stileto Volume.

This is one look created by Grigoris, that I definitely want to try!

A bientot mes amis, j'espere que vous avez les meilleures vacances de Noel :)


  1. Wow I'd like to meet him! I'm a fan of Maybelline!


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