Sunday, December 04, 2011

Encore rever....

Yesterday I had gone out with my friends, and worn my new Brogue-type shoes!

When I came home, my parents had gone out with some friends, so I took my time and took some photos with my new camera.

It was a quiet night, I lied on the floor doing nothing...Thinking of nothing...Radio was playing old ballads....Dreams of the future came to mind, it seemed all so relaxing...I think I will do it again, it was really relaxing!

Ok,some of them are random... Tshirt    - Bershka
                                                 Jeans    - Pull and Bear
                                                 Shoes   -Zara
                                                 Earrings- Achilleas accessories

If daydreaming is a crime, then I am a criminal..........


  1. Your new shoes are amazing!! :)

  2. Funny, I do the same every time I have the whole house to myself. I take photos!!!

  3. Spending $300 on a dress is absurd lol. I wouldn't do it either.

    I think I left another comment on your other blog which I followed. I got kinda confused haha. My bad.


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