Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jour 4e.

Salut mes amis! I've lost contact these days  but as I said in a previous post, I had been away at Thesaloniki for a wedding. You may have noticed, but I didn't say amies, but amis, and thats because I have my first male follower!!! I am so happy for this! I am referring to Rui C., he is going to be a great follower, he just created his blog, in which he writes about random ordinary things! It's called This and That and it's really nice.

Anyway, the title of this post is Jour 4e, and thats because I am already on the 4th day of my Beauty Challenge!!! Woohooo! Today, I must say a few words for my favourite foundation. I have 2:

1. SEVENTEEN Compact Powder, No.8 Beige

2. MAYBELLINE NEW YORK  New affinitone perfecting and protecting foundation, No.16 Vanilla Rose

The first one is actually powder, but its the one I use the most. As you have probably noticed, I do not use foundation, only lip stick and eyeliner, so I am not expert on this topic. Foundation is really bad for my skin, since I have acne problems, but in case I use it in formal situations, I prefer one of the ones I mentioned before.

So this is it! Uhm... I dont know what to say about it... Anyway, here are the links I promised at the previous post:

The Beauty Challenge
The first day of it
The second day
The third day

That's all for now, I will probably do a post about my trip to Thesaloniki, with many photos at the monuments, all my new garments (be prepared because I bought quite a lot) and generally my impression of the city!

Now, some inspiration photos, like always.
Today's theme: Avant-garde

I used to watch project runway like a maniac. Christian Siriano was always my favourite .

C'est 00.22 ici en Grece, je veux dormir!!!
However, I can't sleep because we have some visitors- it's my father's name day- and it would be quite rude if I go to bed while they are still here! As rude it must be for them, to see me, or actually don't see me at all, because I am sitting in my room and posting boring things on my blog! :P

Au revoire!!!

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  1. My eyes widened from ^.^ to 0.0 and I was like "oh snap" when I was reading how you were referring my blog. It was completely unexpected and Thank You! That was too nice.

    And first dude follower?? Who says guys can't be into fashion? I've only shopped with girls so far in my life so I find it easier to relate to the more feminine style I guess.

    Not a cross dresser... just throwing that out there >.<
    However, I was a dead hooker for one halloween...
    The girls loved it, of course. Most embarrassing halloween for me...
    Probably put on the shun list of the male social construct.


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