The Pretty Little Author

That's me! Elen Vogiatzi is my full name, and I am born at 2nd of November, 1997. I have lived all my life in Greece, the first five years of my life in Athens and now in Lamia, Central Greece.
My whole life is a total mess, but I love it just the way it is... My biggest interests are:

  • Fashion, I just love it, and even if I am never dressed up in a fashionable way, I have my own, personal style.
  • Photography.I think that fashion without photography, simply isnt fashion. Photos are priceless, for me they are the leftovers of my whole past life.I have a big amount of photo albums.
  • Books. Books are treasure, no matter what they talk about. I read about 50 books a year, and I can easily say that if I hadn't this many responsibilities, I would read even more. Lately, I am really into books about Vampyres, as it is correctly written, but my preferences change from time to time.
  • Languages. One of my passions. Right now, I speak very well english, french, a bit of italian and spanish, Ancient Greek and some Dutch. By the time I get to university, I wanna learn German, and Chinese.
  • Journeys. If I travel, I can surely practise the languages. I have been to Paris, many german cities, Holland, Luxemburg, Bruxells and London. I have also visited many greek destinations.
  • Volleyball. With it, I fill my empty days. One day in the next three years, I hope I start playing in the team, officially. I am already in the team, but I only go to the trainings, not the games. Except the big tournament, at may.
  • Piano. I play for many years, but because of lack of exercise, I can't play well. Still, I love it.

Some of my dreams are:
  • Achieve to live in London. It is my favourite city all over the world, that combines it all. Fashion, Photography, education, famous authors. All I can ask for, can be found there.
  • Work in marketing sector, of a business, or in Fashion industry, as a writer in a magasine. Now that I think of it, I could also work as an economist.

Some of my characteristics are:
  • I love to laugh. I am also a very cheerful and funny person.
  • I am a person who is not easily opened to someone.
  • I think a lot about my future.
  • I am willing to sacrifice things now, to get others later.
  • Friendship is important to me, but many times I want to be alone.
  • I can't easily work in a team. Except it is a volleyball one.
  • Some people think that, since I am an only child, I am spoiled, but if they knew me better, they would know that after some time, I give my belongings to the church for the poor ones to get them.
  • I love Jesus, but I don't go too much at the church.
  • I cry easily.
  • I never depend on someone, not even my parents.
And now my biggest confessions:
  • I sometimes feel pessimistic, but that is not myself. I am a very joyful person.
  • I still believe that one day I will wake up, and find my Hogwarts invitation under the door... ;)
  • I want to tell my best friend that once I liked him, but I simply can't. He died at 8th of July 2011.

That was all I can tell about me, I can't think of something else to say..... :)