Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn is awesome!

Today it was the first day of autumn! It was quite windy this morning so I wore a simple t-shirt, black jeans, a blue long cardi and the same shoes I wore yesterday.... This day was nul and I didn't have any inspiration at all....Yesterday, I made some french braids on my hair,I slept without untying them and in the morning my hair was really nice! But because of the moisture, my hair was straightened a bit....
Zara trf cardigan, Zara trf shoes, Zara kids t-shirt, Promod jeans
Today is a very boring and quiet day... I only have a piano lesson.. The photos below are taken while I was practising yesterday.
I'm also very happy, because the previous week, the Attrattivo anytime mag came out! It's the magazine of a clothing company and it contained an article that was published last year on our school's newspaper.... The subject was: cocooning-I'll stay home. I will translate and post it if I find the time later on today, but for now I'm busy studyin' for school.... See you later!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Think Green

Today, I had a great day at school even it was quite tiring.... I inspired my outfit when I woke up and looked out of my window,because I saw the old woman who lives next door, planting some flowers....I thought I wanted to dress in green.... I know it's not a very colorful outfit but....I like it!
Attrativo dress, zara trf jacket, zara trf shoes
silly photos! I don't even know why I posted them haha :P
I took these after I returned from school... I tied my hair, took some photos and then I went to my english lesson! haha :)
That's all for now! I'm quite tired so I guess I'm going to sleep in some minutes.... Good Night and Sweet Dreams! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweet Dreams:)

Sweet dreams... I've had enough for today....Chemistry, Phycics and Ancient Greek....
Anyway I wish you a good night and have sweet dreams ;)
I will post my look tomorrow if I find some time....Because you know I have a full program tomorrow...english, ancient greek and french :( GOOD NIGHT MY BELOVED FOLLOWERS!!!!

School Days

That's a great song and I'm sure that most of the girls have felt like this once in their lives... ;)

One more year has started and I'm going to have a great time.... Me and my classmates are going to do silly things in the classroom, 3day trip abroad, many excursions and lots of fun.... Of course we have more lessons but we also have more reesponsibility as grow up..... Or at least that's what my teachers keep saying....hahahaaaa! Being the oldest ones in the junior high school is a great feeling... :)........
http://www.flickr.com/photos/33158682@N06/3981940095/in/set-72157625570550341    http://www.flickr.com/photos/33158682@N06/4140201354/in/set-72157625570550341/
Some great photos....Actually I almost love them!

Volleyball :)

I finally got into the team!! From the next week I'm gonna be practising 2 hours a day, and yet idk if I will be able to handle the pressure but right now I'm soooo excited because I've been waiting this moment for years! I'm sooooooo happy! :D

Muffins and Cupcakes!

It's been a pretty boring day, I only had to study ancient greek for tomorrow, and I just finished. I don't have an idea of what to do later on today, but I was sitting still and realized that I want some cupcakes! So I found out what I'm gonna do this afternoon! Bake some muffins! If the recipe is successful, I will upload some photos..... For the time being, admire some other cupcakes!
They make me wanna eat them! hahaha see ya guys!
xoxo elen...<3

Dark Black

This was my outfit yesterday... I know it's a bit too dark but... I like it!

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I wore a t-shirt and black jeans, a pair of 7cm high heels(for the first time!) and a envelope purse with a bow.....I didn't find it difficult to walk on pumps, especially because they were platform heels! :P I might try it again... Oh i forgot to say, I was invited to a party and it was really fun, but I was quite tired when I got back home...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A sweet nap.....

I just waked up and felt like grabbing my mobile and taking some pictures.... How silly of me! I fell asleep with the hairgrip... :P

Colour is everywhere! :P

What if the world was only black and white.... It would be very boring! Colours make world more lively... :)

in sweets....
in accessories...
in nature...


Friday, September 23, 2011

The world goes round, and round, and round....

Doing whatever you want to do, can be successful only if you love it. The way you do it can be different from the way somebody else does it. That doesn't mean you're wrong, it just means you are creative. Being absent-minded isn't bad, it is just a sign of a different personality. Having a different personality is a sign of a different way of thinking and different aspects of life. Difference is not bad. If each and everyone of us was similar to the other, then the world wouldn't go round, and round, and round....Because these different minds are responsible for the world's evolution....So do whatever you want to, but don't stop if someone does better. You have to try in order to reach the top. Everything needs a lot of time and sacrifices in order to succeed....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Headaches.... Really annoying!

The other day, I had a strange headache. It started in the morning and about 10pm I got back to normal.It wasn't something serious but it was annoying and I couldn't figure out why it was caused.After three days with headaches, I figured out that the reason was... My cue! I had been wearing it from the time a waked up until i fell asleep. And the same thing the day after... Now I wear cues only for some hours in order to avoid headaches.

zara accessories, cues

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big or Small Watch?

we wonder if it's better to wear a small or big watch...Well, right now, in many countries the adolescents prefer big watches. Yeah they are trendy, but they can be very inconvenient too. On the other hand, small watches are more convenient and practical. Me, I have an OOZOO watch, and a HIP HOP watch, with many colorful bracelets. I wear the HIP HOP watch at school and the OOZOO when I go out with friends.The problem is that when I wear a big watch at school, I can't write because I hit it on the desk all the time. Of course in the end, it's up to you.Below,two pictures with watches.

hip hop watches with colorful bracelets
OOZOO watch in black leather bracelet

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Accessories to finish your look!

80's accessories to finish your look

With these accessories you can finish your look and give it a very stylish touch.

An outfit suggestion...

In the picture below, you will see an everyday look suggestion. The main colors are pink and yellow but Pink could also be matched with light green and give a similar result. If you want, comment to tell me your opinion.

Bershka Pink jeans, Zara men t-shirt, Franklin Marshal handbag, weSC headphones, Rayban wayfarer sunglasses, Vans yellow shoes, Pull and Bear cardigan, Bershka accesorize Silver earrings, Craft watch.

At last!

At last we made an internet connection! Now I will be able to upload pictures and publish posts very often!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rayban wayfarers!

these rayban wayfarer sunglasses can be matched with everything and they are ideal for a walk around the city, for an afternoon coffee with your mates, or for the school in the morning

Those Rayban sunglasses are awsumn! They come in so many colors and they can be matched with everything!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Love them!

I know this shoe isn't very elegant but it's one of my favourites! It can be worn at every moment of the day. In the morning to go to school, in the afternoon to go for a coffee with your mates, in the evening to go at the cinema. It can be matched with a pair of jeans, a t- shirt and a cardigan, ideal for the school. In the afternoon, you don't have to change, just take with you a handbag in bright colors and maybe add a necklace and you're ready to go! In the evening, you can still wear the cardigan, but it would be better to wear a waisted jacket. Add a pair of earrings, (big silver/golden-colored rings) and you will look great! Those shoes (chukka low- vans) come in many colors and they're not expensive. That means you'll definitely find something you like.. :)

Stylish advices about t-shirts!

You have an old t-shirt that seems to be old-fashioned?
Well, there is no reason to throw it away and spend money on a new one! You can do some simple things that are going to transform your t-shirt into a new, fashionable one!

Tip No.1
You can go to a shop and buy some tulle. You are going to cut it small strips,then take each strip and you wrap it in a way that it looks like flower. Then you sew on the t-shirt. If you want you can add some beads in the centre. You can add as many "flowers" as you want! And the tulle doesn't have to be of the same color, for example you can add red and yellow tulle, or what other combinations you want!
The result must be like this:
(In case it doesn't work out with strips, try it with squares.)

Trip No.2
Be creative! You can use everyday items to make your t-shirt unique. Grab some markers and start drawing. You can draw a cartoon character or something you like. If you want, you can just write a phrase that expresses you. You can add a ribbon, some beads, strass or whatever else you want. Let your imagination free and you'll create amazing things! Your t-shirt will be reflecting your personality...
(if it doesn't work with markers you can try liquid ink or tempera)
This is how it might look:

Tip No.3
For this one, you will very big buttons or beads( if wooden, it is better), some tulle, some ribbon or strips of velvet fabric.
 If the neckline forms a v shape:  you start sewing the ribbon or the strips from the top of the neckline to its centre.Then you continue sewing a bit lower than the middle of the neckline.But be careful, the ribbon must be wrinkled when sewed. After you finish it, you add buttons and beads and the tulle along the ribbon.
 If the neckline is a big curve line right above the chest: you sew the strips along the neckline from the one shoulder and you stop at the middle of the line. Again the strips must be wrinkled. After that you put some buttons or beads (try not to overdo it) and you put a lot of tulle.
If the neckline is a small curve line right under the neck: you sew the ribbon a bit lower than the neckline. The ribbon must be wrinkled and form a big curve line above the chest. You add alot of buttons/beads and very little tulle.
In each occasion you can add some glitter on the tulle to make it more shiny! Always remember to use sparingly your material.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red High heels designed by...me!

This is my latest design... I was trying to reach the design in my mind for two days and I haven't made it perfectly yet... I'm still working on it but that's the main idea. About the yellow sole, I was thinking to make it red but then I thought it wouldn't really be mine but a Louboutin's copy...

Monday, September 12, 2011

John Galliano being racist after being drunk.!

The other day, John Galliano had to face trial because he had made anti-semetic and racist comments in a bar after drinking two bottles of wine. He could face up to six months imprisoned and pay 22,500 euros in fines. He has made several comments about his behaviour at the bar. Two days after the court a woman came and claimed that she was a victim of verbal abuse by John Galliano at the same bar. However, Galliano denied all accuses made. He alleged being a victim of an unprovoked assault (someone tried to hit him with a chair). Another trial will take place one of the days coming and the judges are going to decide whether these statements are true or not.

Christian Louboutin Vs Yves Saint Laurent

Christian Louboutin sued YSL because fashion house used red laquered soles on the presentation of the CRUISE 2011 COLLECTION. Louboutin claimed to be the first one who used red laquered soled high heels. However, YSL alleges that he used this type of shoes long before mr.Louboutin did. On april 2011, Louboutin asked the fashion house not to use red soles but he never got an answer. So, on june 2011 he resorted to the courts, asking for 1,000,000 dollars' refund and the prohibition of YSL shoes production.
The judges did not come to a decision until august 2011, when they ordered in favor of YSL and denied Louboutin's injunction. Only time will really tell what is about to happen, but Louboutin might lose the patent that made him famous. So when you walk down the street consider that the shoes you just saw might have been made by an impostor......

Isn't she cute??

This is the main model for Burberry's infant collection. She is so lovely!

And another picture...

Fall Winter 2011. The New Trends

It's true that each year our favourite fashion houses designe clothes based on trends that already exist or new ones that we are going to love. Keeping in mind what the experts suggest, each year we buy new clothes or we bring some old ones in our wardrobes. WEll, this year there are going to be several different trends, some of them already familiar, some of them completely new. This year there are many choises, so before you go shopping, you should really think of what you prefer the most, in order not to spend money on clothes you were never meant to wear.

Trend No.1 "Let's change our sex"
Many famous fashion houses want to promote this trend and the big fashion mags are expecting that this trend is going to be loved.
Trend No.2 " Bright colors"
The previous years designers prefered neutral colors like brown. Now, it's all about bright colors that will make your look more eye-catching.
Trend No.3 "Back to 40's"
A classical trend. Many designers prefered the elegance of the 40's.
Trend No.4 "Midi-maxi skirts"
An already familiar trend. If you are tall, prefer the maxi skirts. If you are short avoid the maxi skirts because they'll make look even shorter. if you match the skirt with the right accessories, the result will be very chique.
Trend No.5 "Prints Prints Prints!"
Each year animal prints were prefered in summer. Now flower prints and other patterns are prefered to give your look a somewhat different style.
Trend No.6 "Way to the jungle"
Animal prints quite ordinary and in an attempt to escape the ordinary the designers added their collections hats, purses and coats that look like animals.
Trend No.7 "Baggy jumpers"
This is a new trend that is meant to keep you warm the cold days of the winter and fall. It can be matched with almost everything, from jeans to skirts. That makes the jumpers pretty convenient.
Trend No.8 "Fur Fur Fur"
Furs are classical too. They give you a very elegant look and of course they keep you warm. They are though a bit more formal.
Trend No.9 " Leather"
Just like furs, leather is ideal for winter and can be matched easily. A bit more edgy choise is to match it with fur, but if you're careful, the result will impressive.
Trend No.10 "Many levels"
Designers avoided using many clothes, one on top of the other.Now considering the cold weather, this is going to be a successful trend.
Trend No.11 "Capes and Coats"
Again a familiar trend.Elegant and warm. No matter long or short, every woman or teen girl has one in her wardrobe. here keep in mind the same thing with the skirts: depending on how tall you are, you should prefer a short or longer coat.
Trend No.12 "Baggy pants"
Women didn't really like this type of pants. The reason is quite obvious: those pants don't fit well on woman's body. At least that was before the fashion houses decide to promote baggy pants. Now, matched with a short cape it can be very chique. It could be worn as casual or formal.
Trend No.13 "see through"
This trend is tottaly new and many people have their doubts about it.If you choose to buy clothes following this trend, keep in mind that they can only be worn in formal occasion like a cocktail party for examle.

Complete Lack of Fashion Sense.!

I was looking out of my window when I saw a lady about 35 years old and I wondered what are some people thinking when they decide to buy something and then wear it. The view of that lady was making me wanna laugh and "cry" at the same time, because her clothes were rediculously awful and couldn't be matched in a wrongest way.........