Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cinema, Books and Fashion Magazines

This is a random song, that I heard this morning and it got stuck in my mind....

Anyway, I went to cinema on Friday (and on Saturday as well :P) to watch Breaking Dawn. It was a great movie, I really enjoyed it!

I really don't know why the top looks like green in the 1st picture. I wore a simple pair of jeans, a  blue top, my shiny cardi, a cute cap and these gloves :) I hope u like it.

I also finished 1st book of Blue Bloods and I started reading the second one. It's pretty interesting actually!
Today the new Vimadonna ( fashion magazine) came out, and I have already read it! It was not as interesting as some previous ones though......

Anyway, I am planning to do a post about Manhattan cosmetics, that I really like, but i just don't know when!
Never mind though, it's not a big deal, probably I'll find some time tomorrow!!!

Until then......Have a nice day, Elen :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday pt.2

Ok, it's already 00.00 so i gotta write quickly, then go to bed.....I had my b-day party today, and I was really busy thinking of an outfit....I finally decided to wear something simple, just a tshirt, black jeans, ballerine shoes and a jacket. I my outfit is similar with the one I had previous Saturday... Anyway, my ears hurt because of the loud music (we were sitting right in front of the dj decks), and my eyes are sleepy....So I'll just post some photos.

I know im really sleepy, but its the only photo I took after straghtnening my hair.

Ok thats from previous week. As you can see, I have a nail polish for every outfit.

1st look. Bershka jacket-Promod jeans-Zara shoes-Zara purse-Zara tshirt
2nd look. Bershka jacket-Promod jeans-Zara shoes-KEM bag-Attrattivo tshirt-Achilleas accessories scarf.

That's All! Anyway, have a good night, or good day, I don't know!!!!
Take care Elen!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Party

We will be making a theatrical show at school and it wil contain a tea party scene.... I'm totally obsessed with tea parties, so I got REALLY excited when they announced the idea. They also ask someone to be responsible for the music, and since I love mixing songs and choosing soundtracks, I offered....The thing is that I dont know what to do now! Anyway, we have done almost...5 rehearsals until now, and i must say that the kids playing ar a bit funny, they cant do their job very well, so I started to think that the whole thing might turn out to be a disastrous comedy, instead of a romantic story.........

I love these dresses here.

That girl is so elegant.

Nice hats.

Nothing to comment on. I love it.

This one iis not as good as the previous ones.

I have only chosen a single song for it- Tea party by Kerli....

Take care, Elen :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Vampire Booklist...

These days, I'm really into vampire books. Actually, I finished Untamed (the fourth book of House Of Night series) and now I'm gonna start a new vampire series, the Blue Bloods...For somme reason, even if I hate vampire stories, House of Night has become one of my favourite series! It's so addictive....
Some words for the book:  It was quite interesting, although I was a bit disappointed. In the end of the 3rd book a new mystery is revealed and when you finish it, you are left with a feeling of anxiety and desire for more. However, I must say the 4th one didnt leave up to my expectations....I expected much more action, and secrets, and stuff like that generally, but the whole book was a bit slow.... I guess the authors imagined that the readers were a bit  tired of so much action -in the 3rd book- and they gave them the chance to calm down a bit. I personally was prepared for much more adventure on this one, but as I said before, it didnt leave up to my expectations...
I expect the second series Im about to start is as good as HON.

My vampire booklist....
1. House of Night series.........P.C. Cast-Kristin Cast (already read)
2. The vampire diaries series.......................L.J.Smith (already read)
3. Blue Bloods series...................Melissa De La Cruz (wanna read)
4. The secret circle series.............................L.J.Smith (wanna read)
5. The Twilight Saga........................Stephanie Mayer (already read)
6. True Blood series......................Charlaine Harris (started to read)

The list above is based on my personal taste, opinion after reading or watching the relevant series, and is written after taking into account critics and reviews for the books I haven't read yet. 

Take care, Elen :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Skin care and cleaning

Those are the 2 products I bought from NIVEA some days ago...I must admit I didnt expect them to work, cause I had tried many products by NIVEA before, but they are already doing a great job! I'm using the SOS stick 3 times a day, before I leave for school, when I come back after school, and before I go to sleep. The control shine moisturising gel is used only once a day, after I've cleaned my face and used the SOS stick before I go to bed.....

I highly recommend those two products! And what about you? Which products do you use for moisturising your skin??

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy birthday!!

First of all, I'm sorry I didnt post anything for almost 2 weeks, but I had been sick with a flu, then yesterday I almost broke my hand...The doctor said no volleyball, no piano.....I'm so sad! And on 2th of november, it was my birthday, I'm finally 14!!! Today some friends will come to my house.

Anyway, on monday i started reading a book, Atithasi  is called in greek, but its just a translation for Untamed. Untamed is the fourth book of a teen series, called House of Night written by P.C Cast. In America, there is already out the 9th book =, but here, due to the time translation takes, there is a big delay....Anyway I love this series and I cant wait the 5th book to come out-its called Hunted...

I havent posted OOTD for like ten days, but thats not a problem, cause most of them were pretty boring..Last saturday, I wore my first cap of the year! A black, knitted one....I have some photos below..
I also bought a nail polish, and a lip-gloss. Both nail polish and  lip-gloss have the same colour..There are some photos below as well. Then, I bought a black jacket, which I'm going to wear tonight!