Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jour 5e.

Bonjour! Today was quite boring at school, my outfit was a bit boring as well. I wore a simple blouse with  colorful stripes.

I bought it from Marcs and Spencer a year ago.

Anyway, for the 5th day, I must post photos of an outfit that is totally me, I must say that I don't have an outfit like this, I like trying different things. However I like berets so much!!!!!

I have this exact beret, only that it is orange.  I bought it some weeks ago, from Zara, at the price of 11.95 euros. 

Anyway, this was not exactly the post for day 5, but no problem!! Besides, it wouldnt be a challenge if we could do everything! 
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J'ai un lecon de francais apres quelque temps, je dois arreter ecrire parce qu' on arrivera en retard al'ecole! A tout a l'heure! 

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  1. Hey ^.^

    The buttons on your striped blouse is new to me, I haven't seen much like it. Fashions are different from place to place, that's what makes it so interesting =D


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