Wednesday, December 07, 2011

La joie de Noel!

Salut! Aujourd'hui, c'est le decembre 7e! Alors, I wanted to add a more christmas-like mood to my blog, so what's better than changing the background for a start??
I didn't want something too bright, and something too christmas-like, since it's only the 7th of december, but I promise I will add a better background the days between christmas and New year's eve!
At this moment, I have to say that, I have grabbed all of my latest backgrounds, and the header image as well, from Shabby blogs. It has some really nice backgrounds header pictures, buttons etc. In case you want to try it out later, you can simply click on that small banner, on the upper left corner.

Anyway, here is some christmas inspiration....
The theme: Christmas shopping centres!

Window from KaDeWe, Germany, Berlin

Christmas tree at Bijenkorf, Amsterdam,Netherlands.

Golden Hall, Athens,Greece

Galleries Lafayette,Paris,France

Galleries Lafayette, Paris, France

Harrods, London, England

Harrods, London, England

Sintagma square, Athens, Greece

Harrods, London, England

Selfridges, London, England

Galleries Lafayette,Paris, France

The Mall, Athens, Greece


window at KaDeWe, Berlin, Germany.

I hope you liked this post, and got you into christmas spirit! Now,after seeing all these shopping centres I want to go to buy some christmas presents for my beloved ones!

Au revoire!

P.S. I won't post anything about the day 3rd, because my hair is awful, so I will post tomorrow, after I have washed it and made it look fine. So, see you tomorrow!

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