Story of the name

It seems like yesterday, when I started working on this blog, at 12th of September 2011... I have changed quite many times the name of this blog, and I finally decided to name it She Flies With Her Own Wings.

It began as Elen's Corner,
Then Les Annees De La Jeunesse,
And lately Living in a Fairytale.

The story of She Flies with her own wings is not very long, but a bit sudden. I wanted to change my name, but I didn't know what to say, so for the time being I left it as it was.Then, I was reading one of my favourite books, Masquerade (search at my posts for details) and I noticed that many Latin words were used in it. From a very young age, I expressed my love for languages, so I immediately loved Latin. The idea came to me: why not search on wikipedia, for Latin expressions to use as a name??? And so I did, but I found a huge list of nice Latin expressions. When, however I found that one, I knew it was what I was looking for. Alis Volat Propriis. She Flies with Her Own Wings. It is very me, it describes me, so it is my motto since the day I found it. I always count on myself, and never on others. The only people who I know that I can rely on are my parents, but that is another story...So that is going to be the blog name.  From now on. No more changes will be done, I promise! :)