Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jour 13e.

Bonjour, ca va????

Today, I have to do a post with pictures of my fashion icon. Well, I have two fashion icons.

No 1. Lady Gaga


The worst is definitely the one with the meat dress, it's so disgusting!!!!

My favourites are: 1. the one with the red lace dress
                                 2. the black maxi dress
                                 3. the photo with the vintage round glasses and the bow hair
                                 4. the mini black-silver dress
                                 5. the one with the shorts, the black shirt and the lace thing on her face.

No 2. Agyness Deyn

I chose Lady Gaga parce qu' elle a un style trés avant garde! She has a very unique style and she's not exaggerating or using too many colours. Instead, she achieves a perfect result to my eyes.

I chose Agyness Deyn parce qu'elle est trop elegante et je l'aime. Her outfits are sometimes vintage, sometimes rock, sometimes classy and elegant.....I love her and she's very inspirational.

What's your opinion about Agyness and Gaga?? Do you like them or do you think they are fashion-faux?? I got to go, because today it's the last volleyball practise before Christmas! See you! :)

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