Friday, December 16, 2011

Jour 6e. + Jour 7e.

Hey, yesterday my pc wouldnt turn on, so I couldnt do any posts.... So here I am today, with a double post!
 Day 6th.
My favourite make up brand is Manhattan Cosmetics, but I have already written a post speaking about the products. Just click here in order to see it!

Day 7th.
My favourite piece of clothing is probably.... uhm, I don't have any favourite, but probably....
This Dior dress!!!

Anyway I got to go, tomorrow we get the semester's marks and I must wake up earlier than usual! Bon nuit! 


  1. That dress looks wick. Why can't they make these for men >=(

  2. Hi Elline, you are sick? I hope you get better t(>.<t)

    Don't worry about blogging, health first *looks sternly*

    As for my camera it's still not here yet. I'm not sure exactly why every time I order something it has to be all the way on the other side of the country. Los Angelas, CA is all the way on the west and New York is all the way on the East... sigh.

    However, I will post within the next 7 days guaranteed. Sorry to keep you and some others waiting. For someone who only posts 1 picture per post, I should really be posting more ~.~

  3. Nice to hear you're recovering ^.^


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