Friday, December 23, 2011

Jour 14e. + School is over + preparations for many things :)

Bonjour, au jourd'hui les écoles ont fermé, pour les vaccances de Noel! I am so happy, I was waiting for these days a very long time!!!! Oh, today i came home early, so that I could prepare any christmas sweets!!!! :D
I am doing like a really little child, hehe :D I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made Melomakarona, a greek sweet for christmas, that is the most tasty of all, in my opinion....
I also made sugared buns with my friends, and then the kitchen was in a great mess, sugar was spilled all over the place, hehehehe!!!
Then, I helped my mother with the yule log cake, which is very traditional for christmas here in Greece. However, i don't like it..........:(
Finally, my mother and I cooked Diples, another christmas-only sweet.......

This are some Diples with honey and almonds.

This is the yule log cake. However, ours looked a bit more like this. ------>

And these are Melomakarona, again with honey and almonds.
These are sugared buns,and as you can see, they have A LOT of sugar.

Anyway, It's day 14th of the beauty challenge, and I have to tell you what hairstyle I would like to try.....
I won't say much, 1 image = 1000 words.

Yaaaaay, I already told you I love Agyness and she's very inspirational to me, although i don't wanna dye my hair blonde....... Then, I really like short hair, and actually last year, on 10/2010, I had cut my hair shorter than the second picture.....I am bored of a hairstyle very easily, and because of this, my long hair was all gone, buhuhu!!!!!! *fake crying*

Now, some other haircuts I wanna try.

I really wanna leave my hair to get long again, but I always give in the tempt to cut it..... No words for Lady GaGa's bow hair- it's just awesome!!!! Then, I have only seen me once with curly hair, so it's definitely something I wanna do. In case you haven't noticed, I really love bangs, actually I already have, and in order to maintain them, I cut them on my own!! hehehe :D

Now, on the title I said, Preparations for many things.... Here's a list of preparations I will be doing today and tomorrow...
1. pack my suitcase for my trip to Athens. (oh, I haven't said a word about it, anyway I will say something about it on monday, the day before I leave!)

2. buy presents for all my friends that celebrate their name-day on Sunday, mommy included. (christos, christina, and all the similar names)

3. put all my homework for x-mas in a special envelope for keeping them all together so I don't loseany photocopies, and make sure that I don't forget them home when I leave for Athens.

4. work on my blog doing stuff such as adding songs, or creating my new header picture, searching for my new name, and improving it all the time. I won't say a word about it though, until New year!!!  Fortunately, I came up with a result, after 2-3.30 hours of work.

5. cook sweets

6. tidy my bedroom for my mother's nameday, since some people will be coming over for dinner and for Christmas reveillon, as we call it here in Greece.

That's all!! I have only done 2 or maybe 3 things out of the list!!!!! all the others are left for tomorrow! I got to hurry if I wanna get those jobs done by Sunday, so see you tomorrow!!!! 

Bisous, Hélène!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you! Love :)

    greeting card for you!

  2. Hi :)
    Thanks for your comment - I really like your blog, it's interesting and very stylish, so I'm definitely following you :)
    Hope you're having nice holidays!!
    visit me at

  3. Merry Christmas, Eline :) The food looks like it fell from the heavens.

    I also like short haircuts, ironic since my hair is considered long for a guy. But on girls, short haircuts are one of my favorites, especially the styles from the 3 pictures of Agyness.

    Athens??? Awesome! It's cool that you're working on your blog, I am too! Mainly because of the new pictures I took with my new camera. The pictures need a lot of display size compared to before so I have to change the layout a little bit. I will be posting them soon, and I look forward to pictures of Athens from you =p

    Merry Christmas, Eline! I wish you all the best ^.^

  4. Hi Eline, I have just updated my blog. I know you were getting tired of the big dino so I thought I'd give you a heads up. You can be the first to see the new post. it sure has been long enough =p


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