Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jour 8e. + Jour 9e. + Jour 10e. + Jour 11e. + Jour 12e.

Salut!!!! Hey, I know I should apologize for not writing anything these days, but I have been sick! I am still recovering, but at least my eyes don't hurt now when I  am staring at my pc screen.So... Let's continue the beauty challenge at last!! Oh, It's been many days before, when i wrote the last post,and now i got to write about 5 different days......


Ewwww that's me on first year of junior high, it's just amazing how much I've changed in 3 years! Now I hate this type of trousers and, uhm, it's obvious that I dont have hair this long! (in case you haven't seen photos of me, I am the girl in the middle). Oh, and now, I use a straightener  every time I wash my hair.


My favourite pair of shoes are definitely my last ones, which kinda look like brogues.I don't have any photos with them, but I guess you can check  one of my previous posts, in which I am wearing them. Just click here.
(pics are a bit dark, so you won't be able to see them good enough)


Right now, I am really into Attrattivo clothes. They seem awesome to me! They are a bit of rock, a bit of elegant, a bit of boho, a bit of vintage, a bit of everything alternative. If you are let inside an Attrattivo store, you will certainly find a piece of clothing ou like. I only dislike some of their shoes, but generally, their clothes are great!


I would love to have one little clutch purse with the UK flag on it!!!!

Otherwise, I want a Chanel clutch! Isn't it cuteee??


Well, my preferences on colours change all the time, you know, I have passed several situations, like flaming pink, aqua blue....... Now I can't say I love a specific color, I can only say I dislike yellow and white a bit! Now, I probably prefer black combined with silver or gold, probably a few animal prints, and then light pink, brown.

Well, THAT was a big post!!!! I promise I will continue with the challenge every day from now on!!! Have a bon nuit!!!! 
(and indeed, I love christmas, as my background says! hehe)


  1. Hopefully you recover fully soon. The junior high picture seems happy and carefree, oh the good ol' days ^.^

    And you don't like white? That's one of my favorite colors *sniffle* :(

    Oh, and I got my camera!!! I stayed up till 4AM last night playing with it =D

  2. I hope you feel better soon! And aww I love that bag! I have a weakness for anything with the Union Jack on it...


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