Friday, October 28, 2011

28th of October

The 28th of October, here in Greece, is a national celebration. On the eve of this day, every school has a special fest, where the students read poems, the school choir sings, and the best students are honored with a special Exellence award. Now, the actual day of the 28th of October, which is today, everything is closed and some students of each school march in the city, in front of all the citizens, so that they honor our admirable ancestors. Anyway, the six best students of each school, march in front of the others. After the march, most of the children go to a cafe or a restaurant to eat.
Here are some photos of me, with my uniform:


It was a nice day generally....And the weather was good. The previous years it was usually raining...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Party Time

These days I've been into tons of work because of scholar  responsibilities. I'm also doing some preparation for my english and french exams at the end of the year, and on top of that, this weekend will be sacrificed on some volleyball tryouts. If I'm lucky enough, I'll get in the basic six of the team...
Anyway, This is Skinny Love, performed by Birdy, who is a singer that I love so much!!! Hope you like it!

The photos below are taken two weeks before, they are from a party I attended, where I wore a grey polka-dot dress.I had a good time, and got back home early, cause the next day I had training at 9:30 in the morning.

For a mysterious reason my ballerine shoes dissapeared...That's why I'm without shoes-hehehee :)    I finally found them half an hour before the party time.........
By the way, this hat is a great bargain from Mc Arthur Glenn's discount village! You can find all your favourite brands in great discounts!

Take care, Elen:)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maths and Boredom...

Hello again! sorry for not typing all those days, but I forgot it, really!
Anyway, the title is not so exact, because I love maths and I don't find them boring, it's my favourite subject! It's just that I feel so bored these days....Maybe it's the weather that makes me feel like that, you know, one day rainy, one day cloudy.....Today at school, at gym, I almost broke my leg while playing volleyball! Lucky me! haha :P I know I'm really lucky I didn't break it but I can't stop laughing in the idea of me falling hahaha!

I had to write down the way we characterize two triangles as equal....Equality criteria is the first lesson at geometry.

That's the collage I told you about the other day...I cut my hair on my own and the result wasn't amazing but still tolerable..haha!  Those sunglasses are my new ones, Marc by Marc Jacobs, blue colour, perfect, and actually they belonged to my mum for two weeks, but she decided that she should have purchased the other pair, so she gave them to me! Lucky me(again)!! hahaahahaa Now you are jealous :P

 This is Monday's outfit. Attrattivo green flowered blouse, Attrattivo necklace. Well, I can't find any good places to take photos, so I guess I'll just in my living room....Any ideas????

Take Care, Elen :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summer Vacations (on October)

Hi everyone! Today I woke up at 7 o'clock in the morning, in order to go with my friend at the hairdresser's at 9.  When I called her she told me that she had to go shopping some shoes...That pissed me off, because it's 10.30 and she hasn't called yet...Anyway I made an effort to cut my hair myself, and the result wasn't very amazing, but still tolerable...I made a collage with some photos..
. Well, Today I woke up with a mood like: "I think I should upload my vacation photos at last..." So, I added some effects and here are the results!

1st, 6th picture- leopard jacket Zara TRF, pink jumper Zara Knit, black jeans Promod, pink shoes Converse All-star, pink earrings Funky Fish accessories.
2nd, 12th picture- leopard jacket Zara TRF, t-shirt Paul Frank, red jeans Promod, black-jeans shoes Zara.

3rd, 10th, 11th, 13th picture- leopard jacket Zara TRF, blue sleeveless top Attrattivo, jeans Benetton, black-jeans shoes Zara.

4th, 5th picture- leopard jacket Zara TRF, t-shirt Zara Kids, jeans shorts(almost)Zara TRF, pink shoes Converse All-star.
7th picture- jacket Vans, black jeans Promod, brown leather shoes Converse.

8th picture- jacket Vans, black jeans Promod, running shoes Adidas.

9th picture- jacket Vans, wide jeans Sarah Lawrence, fuchsia umbrella Benetton accessories.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Movie weekend!

I will finally show you my weekend outfit! I'm so excited!!! It was not a big deal actually.... Anyway, on saturday I went to my volleyball training, then did some shopping. When I got home, I washed my hair, ate a toast and sat comfortably at a sofa and watched "Lord of the rings 2: The two towers". When it finished, I dressed up in order to go to the cinema and watch "The three musketeers" with Logan Lerman and Orlando Bloom......Then I went to a cafe, drank a milk-shake and returned home...On Sunday, I woke up, went at the stadium to train, took a shower and did my h/w. After that I ate lunch and sat at my coach comfortably, in order to watch "Lord of the rings pt.3: The return of the king".... As you can understand I really LOVE the elf-pirate-musketeer-actor Orlando Bloom!!!!!  Anyway my OOTD is pretty boring...And guess what! I was in the mood for a movie so I went to my town's "seven spot" (a video club) and because I didnt find an Orlando movie (what a pity) I took "Coco before Chanel".

cardigan-Zara knit, bracelets-Bershka accessories, Jeans-Pull and Bear, Top-A shop at portobello road(London), Scarf- Portobello road shop, Purse-Zara, Ballerine shoes-Zara trf
 My hair was so nice, but because of moisture it looks really awful here. The

I am  lounging at the sofa right now, waiting to finish this post so that I can watch the movie on my laptop. You can also see my piano in the back.

This is the the perfume I bought! Parlez-moi d'amour by John Galliano.
The products I used for my maquillage. Maybelline mascara "falsies", Manhattan "freaky friday" series gloss, Adamo eye pencil No.113 pearl grey.

This is the cardi I bought and wore on Saturday......

See you my friends! And remember : one for all and all for one! Haha I'm just kidding! goodbye! Elen

So cute High Heels!

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a week but I have been very busy lately, and my OOTD were pretty boring so I didnt bother taking photos.......
I was searching for some really cute high heels on google images when I came across these!Aren't they gorgeous??? Me, I just love them! Generally I love Louboutin shoes...

Right now I'm getting prepared for my piano lesson, so I must finish the post. Maybe I'll upload my weekend outfit and OOTD later in the afternoon! See you my loves! :) Elen

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tuesday is a Good Day!

I'm apologising for not posting anything for a week, but our internet connection had some problems and we couldn't fix it... But now here I am, refreshed!
This weekend had been quite interesting...In saturday morning I had to go for some shopping and I decided to wear a chemise, a dress and the ballerine shoes...In the afternoon me and my bf went to the cinema and watched "Friends with benefits" with Justin Timberlake... It was very enjoyable, even if it had some inappropriate scenes.... Generally the weather was fine but a bit cold, so I wore a knitted dress, a cardigan and my ballerine shoes with the bow.I also added a thin, dark brown belt on my waist....

1st pic: Bershka dress, Bershka chemise.
2nd pic: Zara Knit dress, Pull and Bear cardigan.

On Monday I wore a simple white top and a check shirt in blue colours, jeans and my converse all-star. I am very happy because we had the school counselor elections and I came 5th with 127 votes! That really surprised me becaause the previous year I came 19th, so I didn't see that coming!

The shirt has different tones of blue. BSB shirt, Attrativo plain t-shirt.
Today we went on our first excursion...I didn't know it though, so I wore the first clothes I found in the wardrobe because I was in a hurry.My outfit consists of a simple black cardi, red jeans, a top with some buttons and collar, and my red converse shoes.The result was this... Sorry for the sleepy faces, I was pretty tired in the afternoon...My bags are left on that corner of my room, I didn't have the time to move them away so I'm sorry for that too. :(
Promod jeans, Converse all-star shoes, Attrativo button-collar top, Zara cardigan.

Right now I'm tapping this post and I'm thinking of what movie I should see... House of wax or The Unborn??? Yeah, I know it's a bit creepy the fact that I like horror movies..........
Anyway, Have a good day! :)