Tuesday, December 06, 2011

They disgrace the memory.....

Another day at school brought to me more disappointment, like I didn't have enough already.
This time, most children of the whole school left, in order to protest for Alexis.

Alexis was a teenager that got killed by a policeman before 4 years.

He was 16 years old.

People, teens, where in a chaos, screaming different slogans, abusive for the policemen.

Murderer, after trial, was sentenced to ter life imprisonment.

Children, up until now, refuse to have lessons on 6/12, in order to protest about the unjustly shed Alex.

I am not against protesting for his death. I am against those, who exploit his death, in order to miss some lesson hours. I am against leaving school, in order to go to a protest march, but not knowing why. I am against all this, because acting like a sheep, and doing what they all do, doesn't mean you are cool. A boy's life is gone and they find this a way of leaving school. This is all rubbish. By this way, not only don't they honour his death, but actually they disgrace it.......

That was the sad story of Alexis Grigoropoulos.A 15 year old boy, killed by a policeman's gunshot.

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