Monday, December 05, 2011

Un mois consacré àla beauté!

Well, this is quite random, but as you have probably already understood, I love randomness!
It is about a challenge I found on La vie, style et beaute while I was browsing different blogs.In this challenge, you must do a post everyday for 30 days, about something.That "something" is mentioned in the list below:

Day 1st. 
You with makeup

Day 2nd.
Your favourite bag, which you already own

Day 3rd.
Your current hairstyle.

Day 4th.
Your favourite foundation.

Day 5th.
An outfit that matches your personality the best, an outfit that is totally you.

Day 6th.
Your favourite make-up brand.

Day 7th.
Your favourite garment- only clothing, not accessories.

Day 8th.
A photo of you, when you are dressed in a total fashion fail.

Day 9th.
Your favourite pair of shoes, that you already have.

Day 10th.
The style you currently like the most.

Day 11th.
A bag you are dying to have.

Day 12th.
Your favourite colour of clothing.

Day 13th.
Photos of your fashion icon.

Day 14th.
A hairstyle you want to have.

Day 15th.
Your favourite piece of jewellery. It can be anything.

Day 16th.
A celebrity, whose way of fashion you don't like at all.

Day 17th.
Garments that are currently on your to-buy list. Clothing and accessories.

Day 18th.
Your favourite beauty expert.

Day 19th.
Your favourite look from this beauty expert.

Day 20th.
Your favourite mascara.

Day 21st.
Your favourite lipstick.

Day 22nd.
Your beauty tips for a big night out.

Day 23rd.
The make-up item you bought with the best bargain.

Day 24th.
Your favourite and newest beauty product.

Day 25th.
Your beauty regime.

Day 26th.
A random item from your wsh list.

Day 27th.
Your favourite skin care product.

Day 28th.
Your favourite ever beauty item, which you cant live without.

Day 29th.
A photo of a make-up look you would love to try out.

Final day-Day 30th.
A special post about your favourite ever nail polish.

I really found this interesting, so I am going to try it out! I dont think I will be able to do everything on the list though, but never mind! The biggest challenge actually is to do a post every day......

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