Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year, New start...

I wish you all had a great New Year's eve!!! Me, I had a great time with friends, and I hope that 2012 will be as good as the first day! Anyway, as the title says, with a new year, there is a new start. And what's better than making a new start with your blog???
So, I decided to change it completely, but still I am not done...I wanna add some music, but I have no idea what it will be...My new name is Living in a fairytale.I know this doesnt remind a lot of Paris, but it's ok! I had alot of trouble with the width and all this stuff, so I finally am able to prsent my blog at...uhm...precisely 00.00 (greek time)!! I managed to fix, although it took me enough time....
My new  blog:
1. is named Living in a Fairytale.
2.has some follow buttons, and if  you are kind enough,you could help me perhaps?
3.needs some music, so any suggestions are acceptable! I would be glad if you had any :)

I am also creating a silly thing, which I call "label collection". It's nothing more than a notebook, full of labels. You know, I've wanted to start something like this for many years, and now I finally started it.I've already filled two pages, with labels. Most of them are from Zare, but it's ok, because they are funny :P I know, I am completely random, but before you had read this, you should firstly read the brief description on the profile.

Anyway, that's all for now, if you have any ideas please comment or email me!
Just a note: I am not posting anything about the beauty challenge these days, but I promise I will tomorrow!


  1. I think it's great that you are starting the new year off by working on your blog! Definitely a great thing to do! It looks wonderful and I love the name. :)

  2. Καλή χρονιά κοπέλα μου!! Το έκανες πολύ όμορφο :)

  3. Καλη αρχη και καλη χρονια!

  4. Hi Eline!
    I didn't know you were a pianist 0.0
    Let us See your label collection ^.^


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