Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jour 15e + Jour 16e. + Jour 17e.

I hope you all had great christmas day!!!!

Jour 15, jewelery I Love!! :D

Chanel Earrings.
Gucci Bracelet.

Nina Ricci watch.

Jour 16e, a celebrity, whose style I don't like at all... :/

I chose Fergie, because...I just don't like her, neither as a singer, neither as a fashion icon.. Her clothes are most of the times awful, in my opinion always....

Taylor seems just fine, I really like her. Fergie on the other side seems quite akward...

These clothes are pretty, but don't fit Fergie...Quite bad choice, if u ask me....
Jour 17e, items on my to-buy list :) About 5 hehe, not too many :)

1. a pair of Ugg Boots in dark color

2.  a perfume, probably Daisy by Marc Jacobs, because my John Galliano perfume has almost finished.

3. A montgomery coat, grey color. I already bought black one for the wedding at Salonika, and now I want one again. :)

4. A pair or two, of knitted, knee-high socks.

5.A pair of Rayban Clubmasters.

This was my to-buy list, oh I have something else to add....A new camera!! I hope santa brings it to me for New Year's Eve, cause my old one isn't working properly......

Ok, have a nice evening, and a nice week until New Year!!!!!
Bisous, Helene <3


  1. I agree with you about fergie, she is tacky.
    And I am in love with those chanel earrings!
    Come to visit my blog and if you want let's follow each other on bloglovin and GFC!

  2. I am following back on both! I am only wearing faux furs because I care about animals. I think that you can either be a fur lover or a hater. Until I couple of years ago I was a fur hater....now I have tons of faux furs:-))


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