Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Jour 2e.

Bonjour mes amies!

Today I'm doing a post about my favourite bag, as it is jour numero 2 of the Beauty Challenge.
In case you have missed my post about the Challenge, click here to see it. If you want to see my post for day 1, click here!

My faavourite bag is actually a backpack. A checkmate, -oh what am I typing??- a patchwork I wanted to say, backpack, which is handmade.Dont freak out, I wasn't the one to make it, hehe, I just bought it!!!

I guess backpacks dont count, so I have a second favourite, for this winter. It's a big bag, check pattern, red,black, white, grey.

Here are some photos of them:

Way 1 to carry it:

 way 2 to carry it:

Way 3 to carry it:

 In case you are wondering......

3/4 sleeved blouse - Attrattivo
Check bag - United colors of Benetton

That's it, another beauty challenge post came to an end. Until toorrow, enjoy some inspiration!
Today's theme: Nerdy (mainly)

I love Jared Leto!!!! Here, he plays in Mr. Nobody.

Oh, I love Johnny as well! actually he is my favourite actor!!!!!

A tout a l'heure!!!

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