Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jour 3e.

Salut!!! Ici, c'est 23.30, I should already be sleeping by now...
Its day 3 so I must post some photos of my current hairstyle......
I am too sleepy to write much, so here they are.....

(in case you dont know about the beauty challenge, you can find some links below)

Thats me, with my pijama jumper!

I have to say that I cut them on my own! Again :P

Anyway, The beauty challenge will be retarded, because I will be away on a trip to Thesaloniki for the weekend, but we are leaving tomorrow.So, my next post will be on Monday for sure, maybe on Sunday, if we get back home early!



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  2. Hey cool! I cut my own hair too!


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