Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not just entertainment...

Today was a completely different Sunday for me....I didnt sleep all morning, and then stuck to pc screen, instead I had a very productive day.
Me and some other girls, decided to go to the girls' orphanage of my town, for lunch, since we were invited by the director of the place.She is the manager of the camp we go at summer, so she was extremely friendly with us, and all of the girls there were very hospitable. We had brought many presents to them, such as clothes, and a couple of videogames.... Ms Demetra, the manager, was completely ignorant of our intentions, so she didn't expect it. All the girls were soooooo happy when we gave them the presents! And I am happy I spent some of my pocket money for such a good cause :)
We went early in the morning, so they had prepared breakfast, some very tasty home-made croissants, a greek delicacy called bougatsa, some milk and the atmosphere was great....After the breakfast we watched two movies, one with some tigers, and then, the TinkerBell one.
One of the girls, Mary, had her birthday today, and she became 6 years old!!!! Oh, it was soo fun watching her blow the candles!!! We ate so much today, that I definitely got 1 kilo..... :/
after that, we played in the garden a bit, and then we went for lunch....A special italian pasta meal...It was AWESOME. REALLY. Everyone there was incredibly friendly, and I was a bit surprised by the quality of life those girls have. All of them (the older ones) have mobiles, they have playstation and other stuff like consoles, the house is very big, with lots of space, the cooks are very polite and they prepare tasty food.... The only thing that they don't have are they parents.....But they have two very wonderful ladies that spend all their fortunes at that house, and provide them an excellent life! AT the end of the day, we all thanked Ms. Stavroula and Ms. Demetra for the awesome day, we kissed the girls and we left.
Unfortunately, we didn't take any photos today, but next Saturday, I am going on trip with the other girls, and the girls from the orphanage, at Ioannina, a greek city. It is going to be real cold however, and I am a bit worried, cause I don't have many warm clothes.....

Anyway, good night sweethearts!! :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My own Converse Collection...

HI there!! It's been a while since the last time I posted something about clothes, but yesterday a recieved a present... It was one more pair of Converse- All Star, which now is the 8th pair I possess. It is really nice, purple....

Like everytime I buy something new, I took some photos, only that this time I took photos of the whole collection.. For some -unknown!- reason, I try to make every photo I take, a bit more artistic, and now that picnik is closing and so it has made the premium options free, I use it quite a lot. Luckily, it is closing on April 19th, so I have enough time to process many photos.

My Converse Collection. Butterflies, Stars, Love and Bees, Santa Claus, Stripes, Pink, Black jeans, Checked, Paul Frank, Purple.

In case you haven't noticed, the black jeans one, with the checked fabric inside, is bought from ZARA, and the one with Julio the monkey, is bought from The Paul Frank Store, in The Mall, Athens.

Now some random photos of these shoes:

Converse shoes. I love them...

Simply put, I love Converse shoes..

Once More, These are my converse shoes.

Probably the most clear and artistic one, from my converse shoes collection.

Random Converse shoes views.

Converse All Star by Chuck Taylor...

Converse all star, my collection...

I have also bought this summer, from Netherlands, another pair of Converse, though it isnt All Star...

converse, brown leather, pink checked wool.

Converse! brown leather, pink checked wool.

Ok That is it, with the converse Shoes!!! Have a nice afternoon!!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Have a nice February!

And yes, it's finally February, which means we are one month closer to summer!!!!
It seems like yesterday when school started, lessons began, rainy weather came to replace the bright summer sun..... But still, those 4 months were not in the mood of winter...... I mean, there were some very sunny days, as well as some rainy ones... But no snow at all.... and what's more characteristic of winter than some snow?????

The first two days of February were really white, and February arrived with much snow, enough for schools to close. Winter paid us back for all these months that were somewhere in the middle. Snowy weather by no means is more pleasurable than lying on the beach and running in the sand, but yet it is quite enjoyable especially if you are with good friends. Then you have everything you need for a nice white day. My beginning of February wasn't so nice, since right now I have fever, and I must attend to the english and french lessons in the afternoon. Bliech, I hate fever...
 Anyway, here are some inspiring photos.