Monday, December 05, 2011

Jour 1re.

Ok this is the 1st post I'm doing for the Beauty challenge,and I have to say, that the photos I took, Should probably be kept for the 8th day, muhahaha, they are totally FAIL!
That's ok, you know I like randomness, and here is my random post about me, my face and my make up!

Sorry for the bad quality, it's my webcam's fault! I know, I just got a new camera, so you are probably wondering why I used webcam, hehehe......It's just that I feel better when I can see the result of the photo, when it comes to my face, and I cant do this with my camera!

This one is great fail, but I like it the most hahahaa, so I'm gonna make it profile pic, even if you probably dont like it!!!!

And now......Here is a picture of me wearing this pink lipstick and tones of foundation (even after the tones of foundation acne still isn't covered!!!!!!!) . This time there is no effect, no layer, no border, nothing at all......
As I promised.....Here it is!

I have tied up my hair in a very simple way, they still look so....Well, that's what I call unkempt look! Besides, sophistication comes through simplicity, hahaha!!!

So, this was my great post for Day 1, I know that some parts are completely nonsense, hehehe, (when Im laughing especially) but it doesnt matter!


Im really inspired by balloons these days! Anyway, I got to go, need to read some chemistry, so...

à bientot!!!


  1. Yay! I am so glad you are taking up the challenge :-) I'm writing mine now. I really like your lipstick! I also really like the photo you said was a great fail, you look so pretty and happy :-)

  2. The last one of your pictures is so cute :)

  3. Your blog is so cool !Oui, on peut se suivre,je deviens membre de ton blog ! xoxo

  4. Hello, nice pics! Thank you so much for the comment, I'll follow you back!
    xx ♥

  5. thank you for your comment :)
    you are very pretty!

  6. I love this 30 day challenge! I might do the same on my blog! I'm following you so I can compare posts!



  7. These are really cute! I love that you are inspired by balloons lately, that is so cool!


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