Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn is awesome!

Today it was the first day of autumn! It was quite windy this morning so I wore a simple t-shirt, black jeans, a blue long cardi and the same shoes I wore yesterday.... This day was nul and I didn't have any inspiration at all....Yesterday, I made some french braids on my hair,I slept without untying them and in the morning my hair was really nice! But because of the moisture, my hair was straightened a bit....
Zara trf cardigan, Zara trf shoes, Zara kids t-shirt, Promod jeans
Today is a very boring and quiet day... I only have a piano lesson.. The photos below are taken while I was practising yesterday.
I'm also very happy, because the previous week, the Attrattivo anytime mag came out! It's the magazine of a clothing company and it contained an article that was published last year on our school's newspaper.... The subject was: cocooning-I'll stay home. I will translate and post it if I find the time later on today, but for now I'm busy studyin' for school.... See you later!


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  2. Aaaa ti oraio blog :) Euxaristo gia tin euxi sou gia ti sxoli giati mas ta exoun kanei salata de kseroume ti tha ginei aurio!tespa
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  3. love your hair, sweetie!
    Gorgeous photos!

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  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I love your blog too <3

  6. Snap! I had a piano lesson today too! Thanks for the comment/follow - your blog seems really cool too :)

  7. nice pics!!!!!!!!!1 You play the piano too!!!! Nice I'm playing the piano and teach music theory
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  8. very sweet! <3 love your blue sweater!

  9. awww thank you everyone! your comments keep me going and they are very cute! <3

  10. Thanks so much for your comment about Taylor Lautner's movie. From my understanding..he and his Dad produced this movie..so I have a feeling we'll see more of these kind of movies for him.

    Adorable blog! btw.


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