Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Winter 2011. The New Trends

It's true that each year our favourite fashion houses designe clothes based on trends that already exist or new ones that we are going to love. Keeping in mind what the experts suggest, each year we buy new clothes or we bring some old ones in our wardrobes. WEll, this year there are going to be several different trends, some of them already familiar, some of them completely new. This year there are many choises, so before you go shopping, you should really think of what you prefer the most, in order not to spend money on clothes you were never meant to wear.

Trend No.1 "Let's change our sex"
Many famous fashion houses want to promote this trend and the big fashion mags are expecting that this trend is going to be loved.
Trend No.2 " Bright colors"
The previous years designers prefered neutral colors like brown. Now, it's all about bright colors that will make your look more eye-catching.
Trend No.3 "Back to 40's"
A classical trend. Many designers prefered the elegance of the 40's.
Trend No.4 "Midi-maxi skirts"
An already familiar trend. If you are tall, prefer the maxi skirts. If you are short avoid the maxi skirts because they'll make look even shorter. if you match the skirt with the right accessories, the result will be very chique.
Trend No.5 "Prints Prints Prints!"
Each year animal prints were prefered in summer. Now flower prints and other patterns are prefered to give your look a somewhat different style.
Trend No.6 "Way to the jungle"
Animal prints quite ordinary and in an attempt to escape the ordinary the designers added their collections hats, purses and coats that look like animals.
Trend No.7 "Baggy jumpers"
This is a new trend that is meant to keep you warm the cold days of the winter and fall. It can be matched with almost everything, from jeans to skirts. That makes the jumpers pretty convenient.
Trend No.8 "Fur Fur Fur"
Furs are classical too. They give you a very elegant look and of course they keep you warm. They are though a bit more formal.
Trend No.9 " Leather"
Just like furs, leather is ideal for winter and can be matched easily. A bit more edgy choise is to match it with fur, but if you're careful, the result will impressive.
Trend No.10 "Many levels"
Designers avoided using many clothes, one on top of the other.Now considering the cold weather, this is going to be a successful trend.
Trend No.11 "Capes and Coats"
Again a familiar trend.Elegant and warm. No matter long or short, every woman or teen girl has one in her wardrobe. here keep in mind the same thing with the skirts: depending on how tall you are, you should prefer a short or longer coat.
Trend No.12 "Baggy pants"
Women didn't really like this type of pants. The reason is quite obvious: those pants don't fit well on woman's body. At least that was before the fashion houses decide to promote baggy pants. Now, matched with a short cape it can be very chique. It could be worn as casual or formal.
Trend No.13 "see through"
This trend is tottaly new and many people have their doubts about it.If you choose to buy clothes following this trend, keep in mind that they can only be worn in formal occasion like a cocktail party for examle.

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