Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tuesday is a Good Day!

I'm apologising for not posting anything for a week, but our internet connection had some problems and we couldn't fix it... But now here I am, refreshed!
This weekend had been quite interesting...In saturday morning I had to go for some shopping and I decided to wear a chemise, a dress and the ballerine shoes...In the afternoon me and my bf went to the cinema and watched "Friends with benefits" with Justin Timberlake... It was very enjoyable, even if it had some inappropriate scenes.... Generally the weather was fine but a bit cold, so I wore a knitted dress, a cardigan and my ballerine shoes with the bow.I also added a thin, dark brown belt on my waist....

1st pic: Bershka dress, Bershka chemise.
2nd pic: Zara Knit dress, Pull and Bear cardigan.

On Monday I wore a simple white top and a check shirt in blue colours, jeans and my converse all-star. I am very happy because we had the school counselor elections and I came 5th with 127 votes! That really surprised me becaause the previous year I came 19th, so I didn't see that coming!

The shirt has different tones of blue. BSB shirt, Attrativo plain t-shirt.
Today we went on our first excursion...I didn't know it though, so I wore the first clothes I found in the wardrobe because I was in a hurry.My outfit consists of a simple black cardi, red jeans, a top with some buttons and collar, and my red converse shoes.The result was this... Sorry for the sleepy faces, I was pretty tired in the afternoon...My bags are left on that corner of my room, I didn't have the time to move them away so I'm sorry for that too. :(
Promod jeans, Converse all-star shoes, Attrativo button-collar top, Zara cardigan.

Right now I'm tapping this post and I'm thinking of what movie I should see... House of wax or The Unborn??? Yeah, I know it's a bit creepy the fact that I like horror movies..........
Anyway, Have a good day! :)


  1. Pretty post and cute blog :D
    Follow me ^^


  2. thank you for your cute comment! :)

  3. I like the frame thing that you did with your photos!
    And nice outfit choices by the way - sometimes I wish my school didn't have a uniform so that I could try out new styles :)

  4. Nice outfit, I love your red jeans :)
    Thanks for your comment, sure we can follow one another, I already follow you.
    Have a spectacular day,


  5. Thank you Ruth! Here we don't have a uniform, so we are free to wear wwhatever we want! ML thank you! I'm following you too :)

  6. Love your new purchases
    I'm following your blog, follow me too :)



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