Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stylish advices about t-shirts!

You have an old t-shirt that seems to be old-fashioned?
Well, there is no reason to throw it away and spend money on a new one! You can do some simple things that are going to transform your t-shirt into a new, fashionable one!

Tip No.1
You can go to a shop and buy some tulle. You are going to cut it small strips,then take each strip and you wrap it in a way that it looks like flower. Then you sew on the t-shirt. If you want you can add some beads in the centre. You can add as many "flowers" as you want! And the tulle doesn't have to be of the same color, for example you can add red and yellow tulle, or what other combinations you want!
The result must be like this:
(In case it doesn't work out with strips, try it with squares.)

Trip No.2
Be creative! You can use everyday items to make your t-shirt unique. Grab some markers and start drawing. You can draw a cartoon character or something you like. If you want, you can just write a phrase that expresses you. You can add a ribbon, some beads, strass or whatever else you want. Let your imagination free and you'll create amazing things! Your t-shirt will be reflecting your personality...
(if it doesn't work with markers you can try liquid ink or tempera)
This is how it might look:

Tip No.3
For this one, you will very big buttons or beads( if wooden, it is better), some tulle, some ribbon or strips of velvet fabric.
 If the neckline forms a v shape:  you start sewing the ribbon or the strips from the top of the neckline to its centre.Then you continue sewing a bit lower than the middle of the neckline.But be careful, the ribbon must be wrinkled when sewed. After you finish it, you add buttons and beads and the tulle along the ribbon.
 If the neckline is a big curve line right above the chest: you sew the strips along the neckline from the one shoulder and you stop at the middle of the line. Again the strips must be wrinkled. After that you put some buttons or beads (try not to overdo it) and you put a lot of tulle.
If the neckline is a small curve line right under the neck: you sew the ribbon a bit lower than the neckline. The ribbon must be wrinkled and form a big curve line above the chest. You add alot of buttons/beads and very little tulle.
In each occasion you can add some glitter on the tulle to make it more shiny! Always remember to use sparingly your material.

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