Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Signs of Early Spring

I know it's a bit too early to talk about spring since it's only january. Today was the best day of January, that's for sure. The weather was just fine, and what can I say?? It wasn't cold at all, actually it was quite hot for winter day, probably because the wind was coming from the south... And souther than Greece is Africa, so yeah, it does make sense....  

Those days are great. Temperature is raising. Winter sales have begun. And speaking of sales, I must say I honored Zara and Bershka those days quite a lot. I bought two other jeans, even if I had bought before one week the blue one, only that this time one is pink and one is grey. I also bought a pair of shorts, a -kind of- blouse, a necklace and a skirt. Yeah that was quite a lot, all in one day.

School is going on very well, I must admit. I am predicting that in the second semester I will maintain my good grades, since exams have started, and I am doing pretty well. Today we got our first mark! Ancient greek- 18.5 out of 20, it is almost the same with first 3-month period, when I got 19. I dont care for half point, the teacher is going to put a very very sweet 19 on my grade card, so everything's fine. And we are writing incredibly many exams these days, at least I am doing well..... You know, we are allowed to write one a day and 3 a week, not more. So this week's program was like : Wed. Biology, Thur. Helen (its actually a literature piece like Oddyssey), Fri. Physics. Next week: Mon. History, Tue. French, Wed, Modern Literature......

This year, I must share my thoughts about it, is going to be great, maybe awesome. I am very optimistic, I mean, I always was, but there was a period, from august to november when all sparkle was away, and nothing kept me going. Yeah, 2012, is definitely going to be my year.  There are moments when you think nothing will change, and then, you see some little ordinary, everyday life things, that shout to you, hey keep going on, if you  give up now, you'll never reach the best times. And for the first time of my life, I understood why we all need goals. I also understood why English people who have retreated want to live their rest of their lives in greek islands, but that's another point..... Greece is an awful (almost) country, but everyone must admit, no other has a sun shining so bright even in the middle of winter. And that's one of the things that keep you in lines.

Anyway, I have a piano lesson, so I will write a bit tomorrow, and post some photos I want!! See you!!!


  1. Glad to hear that school is going well! I am definitely ready for spring, even though winter is just getting started!

  2. Awww Elen! Thanks for following me on youtube! I'm sooo happy and I feel so special! you ARE definitely a great follower *-*


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