Sunday, January 08, 2012

Jour 29e.

Today I have to post about a make up look I wanna try.  I love quite a lot looks, but these days I love the most more dramatic looks that emphasize on eyes. Im a  bit too young to try the looks below, but when I grow older I might do some of them...

The first ones are more avante garde, but I love them! In the past I used to be a great Tokio Hotel fan, and I must admit some of their songs seem nice to me until now.Lady Gaga, well, you already know that I like her fashion. The othe look is sweeter.... 

What do you think of them? Do you like them?? by the way, I have come up with some ideas about blog music....I will probably post a list of the songs on Monday :)


  1. I love dramatic eye looks. These are all amazing. Love the crazy, out there looks as well as the wearable dramatic looks!

  2. I love the Lady Gaga look and Bill's look (I'm also kind of a Tokio Hotel fan haha). They're very dramatic and awesome.


  3. These makeup looks are great. I love the Gaga one, my skills when it comes to makeup will never be good enogh to try something like this!

    -LAURA xx


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