Friday, January 06, 2012

Jour 19e. - Jour 28e.

Uhm, I don't really know how to start this post... Well, There has been a  lot going on, and I barely could find time to open my pc and check my mail, not even trying to write a single post here... I know, I haven't given any signs of life lately, but I am almost drowned in all of my responsibilities. I now start to realize that holidays are over, and I have to study a lot, practise for piano, and similar stuff... I really wanna keep up with the good work at my school, because that's what matters for now, so I guess I must sacrifice some of my free time. It's not a big deal.....

About the Beauty challenge.... It is almost over, and I must admit I am really glad. I really loved this whole thing with the posts, but it started to be really tiring after some time, because I am not capable of being here, at this blog, everyday. As I said at my first post about it, the biggest challenge for would be to write a bit everyday. As it seems, I haven't succeded up to this point.....

DAY 19.
My favourite look from the beauty expert. Actually its the video I posted last time...

Grigoris always makes really good looks, but this one is definitely on my list to try.....

DAY 20.
Being a lover of this beauty expert means I am a lover of Maybelline products. It is a fact that I also love Manhattan products, but when it comes to mascara, Maybelline New York is top.

My latest favourite mascara is M.N.Y Falsies black drama. It gives incredible volume, and it really makes your lashes look like fake.

DAY 21.
My favourite lipstick... It is a bit difficult to choose, since I never wear a lipstick. However, I have a favourite gloss.

Manhattan, Water effect gloss No. 46D

It gives you the same result as a lipstick, only that it is quite more shiny.

DAY 22.
My beauty tips for a big night out??
1. If you are planning to stay a long time outside home, make sure your make up product has a big duration.
2. Better avoid wearing glosses, and prefer lipsticks, because they have bigger duration. Make sure that they are moisturizing. If you want some shine, carry with you a gloss.
3. Personally, I always carry with me an eye pencil and a gloss, just to refresh my look after some time.
4. Carry with you some special tissues to remove make up, in case you have any unpredicted accident.

DAY 23.
Once more, I am going to talk about Maybelline. MY favourite mascara happens to be the make-up item I bought in a great bargain. It costed 15 euros, and I bought it at 10! That's what I call a good bargain :)

DAY 24.
I feel really stupid now. I have to tell you my favourite beauty product, and my newest beauty product. Guess what, my favourite is MNY mascara Falsies Black drama! My newest is a Seventeen nail polish.

It was given to me, as a New Year's present, by my aunt, with some earrings.

DAY 25.
My beauty regime. There are many things I do, every single day. First of all, when I wake up, I wash my face with a special soap the dermatologist gave to me, and it's special for acne and black spots. Then, I apply some NIVEA products, which are : -A stick called bye bye spot, and as you can understand I apply it only on the red spots
- A moisturizing cream from the same series.
At school, during each break I go to the toilets and I apply the NIVEA stick. When I get home, I wash my face with the special soap I mentioned before, and once more I apply NIVEA products.( moisturizing cream and stick). After the afternoon lessons (piano, volleyball and similar stuff), when I get home I wash my face with the soap, then I apply pure alcohol to kill any bacteria left ( I know this seems a bit silly, but it's all advice of the dermatologist). Finally, after the alcohol I apply  some Betadine medicine on my red spots. In case I have used any make up products, I use a special demaquillage lotion, before washing up with the soap.

For the NIVEA products click here: One of my previous posts.

DAY 26.
An item from my wish list. An item from my wish list would be this lcute classic Burberry trench coat.

DAY 27.
My favourite skin care product. That's easy. Well, it is definitely this cute cream, which did a great job to me. However my dermatologist said I didn't have to use it anymore, and now I don't. But it still remains my favourite, and is definitely the most effective.

HYDROVIT- anti acne cream, for oily and mixed skin.

DAY 28.
ARGHHHHH! Third time in the same post, that I say the same thing. MY FAVOURITE EVER BEAUTY PRODUCT IS MNY MASCARA FALSIES BLACK DRAMA!!!!!!! oh.... wait...... I have another favourite product, which is actually the same beloved.... It's MNY mascara  Lash Stiletto! They are both my favourites and I can't choose between them. First one gives incredible volume, and means a lot to me, because it was the first mascara I ever tried, and second gives incredible length and glossy look. When I have to go out for any reason, I might not wear make up, but I always wear some mascara. I love it! And most of the times I randomly choose.

That was all.... It must have been my biggest post until now, and luckily it is over.....Only 2 days are left for the B.C to finish. Feeewww, what a relief.....

By the way, do you have any favourite songs??? I don't know what to put on my blog.....

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  1. Hey Eline :)
    Been a while, how have you been?
    Do you know who the model in day 20 is? She reminds me of Hillary Duff but with lots of make-up. I used to watch Lizzie McGuire everyday =D

    I don't have much songs to recommend, it would be nice to hear some of your preferences since I can just listen to my favorite songs on my own ^.^


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