Friday, October 28, 2011

28th of October

The 28th of October, here in Greece, is a national celebration. On the eve of this day, every school has a special fest, where the students read poems, the school choir sings, and the best students are honored with a special Exellence award. Now, the actual day of the 28th of October, which is today, everything is closed and some students of each school march in the city, in front of all the citizens, so that they honor our admirable ancestors. Anyway, the six best students of each school, march in front of the others. After the march, most of the children go to a cafe or a restaurant to eat.
Here are some photos of me, with my uniform:


It was a nice day generally....And the weather was good. The previous years it was usually raining...


  1. What a wonderful holiday. I'm glad its not raining. Veterans Day here can be pretty crappy weather in the fall. Which is a day for firetrucks to be LOUD and a few marching bands along with some African American women showing they still got it with a good stomp.

    Ginger Snaps is rather a very dark comedy than anything.

    Love the banner you are wearing! Hope you have a fun weekend. So any trick or treaters for Halloween? Here, fewer and fewer, every year.

  2. Lovely pictures. What a wonderful holiday, but I'd be hungry after all that marching, and such.

  3. what a lovely blog!! love your background hun! thanks so much for the visit, comment and follow! You are amazing. I am of course following you back :)


  4. Hi, sorry I haven't commented in ages, I've just been too busy to go on the internet at all.
    Your blog looks so amazing now :), as does your uniform - unfortunately my uniform is a hideous bright blue, and my mother got me one that's two sizes too big - I look like a dead whale in it :)


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