Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Party Time

These days I've been into tons of work because of scholar  responsibilities. I'm also doing some preparation for my english and french exams at the end of the year, and on top of that, this weekend will be sacrificed on some volleyball tryouts. If I'm lucky enough, I'll get in the basic six of the team...
Anyway, This is Skinny Love, performed by Birdy, who is a singer that I love so much!!! Hope you like it!

The photos below are taken two weeks before, they are from a party I attended, where I wore a grey polka-dot dress.I had a good time, and got back home early, cause the next day I had training at 9:30 in the morning.

For a mysterious reason my ballerine shoes dissapeared...That's why I'm without shoes-hehehee :)    I finally found them half an hour before the party time.........
By the way, this hat is a great bargain from Mc Arthur Glenn's discount village! You can find all your favourite brands in great discounts!

Take care, Elen:)

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