Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Movie weekend!

I will finally show you my weekend outfit! I'm so excited!!! It was not a big deal actually.... Anyway, on saturday I went to my volleyball training, then did some shopping. When I got home, I washed my hair, ate a toast and sat comfortably at a sofa and watched "Lord of the rings 2: The two towers". When it finished, I dressed up in order to go to the cinema and watch "The three musketeers" with Logan Lerman and Orlando Bloom......Then I went to a cafe, drank a milk-shake and returned home...On Sunday, I woke up, went at the stadium to train, took a shower and did my h/w. After that I ate lunch and sat at my coach comfortably, in order to watch "Lord of the rings pt.3: The return of the king".... As you can understand I really LOVE the elf-pirate-musketeer-actor Orlando Bloom!!!!!  Anyway my OOTD is pretty boring...And guess what! I was in the mood for a movie so I went to my town's "seven spot" (a video club) and because I didnt find an Orlando movie (what a pity) I took "Coco before Chanel".

cardigan-Zara knit, bracelets-Bershka accessories, Jeans-Pull and Bear, Top-A shop at portobello road(London), Scarf- Portobello road shop, Purse-Zara, Ballerine shoes-Zara trf
 My hair was so nice, but because of moisture it looks really awful here. The

I am  lounging at the sofa right now, waiting to finish this post so that I can watch the movie on my laptop. You can also see my piano in the back.

This is the the perfume I bought! Parlez-moi d'amour by John Galliano.
The products I used for my maquillage. Maybelline mascara "falsies", Manhattan "freaky friday" series gloss, Adamo eye pencil No.113 pearl grey.

This is the cardi I bought and wore on Saturday......

See you my friends! And remember : one for all and all for one! Haha I'm just kidding! goodbye! Elen


  1. I am in love with that top you wore! It is so cute! That outfit looks beautiful!


  2. lovely outfit!


  3. Hey, your top is really pretty!
    I used to have an enormous crush on Orlando Bloom too, when he was in Pirates of the Caribbean. :)
    I know this is really petty and annoying, but I'm finding it hard to read the type on your blog with that background - it might be an idea to make the font darker. Just a suggestion, I think your blog is great really! :)


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