Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summer Vacations (on October)

Hi everyone! Today I woke up at 7 o'clock in the morning, in order to go with my friend at the hairdresser's at 9.  When I called her she told me that she had to go shopping some shoes...That pissed me off, because it's 10.30 and she hasn't called yet...Anyway I made an effort to cut my hair myself, and the result wasn't very amazing, but still tolerable...I made a collage with some photos..
. Well, Today I woke up with a mood like: "I think I should upload my vacation photos at last..." So, I added some effects and here are the results!

1st, 6th picture- leopard jacket Zara TRF, pink jumper Zara Knit, black jeans Promod, pink shoes Converse All-star, pink earrings Funky Fish accessories.
2nd, 12th picture- leopard jacket Zara TRF, t-shirt Paul Frank, red jeans Promod, black-jeans shoes Zara.

3rd, 10th, 11th, 13th picture- leopard jacket Zara TRF, blue sleeveless top Attrattivo, jeans Benetton, black-jeans shoes Zara.

4th, 5th picture- leopard jacket Zara TRF, t-shirt Zara Kids, jeans shorts(almost)Zara TRF, pink shoes Converse All-star.
7th picture- jacket Vans, black jeans Promod, brown leather shoes Converse.

8th picture- jacket Vans, black jeans Promod, running shoes Adidas.

9th picture- jacket Vans, wide jeans Sarah Lawrence, fuchsia umbrella Benetton accessories.

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  1. These pictures are lovely! You look amazing! I love that leopard print jacket!


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