Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy birthday!!

First of all, I'm sorry I didnt post anything for almost 2 weeks, but I had been sick with a flu, then yesterday I almost broke my hand...The doctor said no volleyball, no piano.....I'm so sad! And on 2th of november, it was my birthday, I'm finally 14!!! Today some friends will come to my house.

Anyway, on monday i started reading a book, Atithasi  is called in greek, but its just a translation for Untamed. Untamed is the fourth book of a teen series, called House of Night written by P.C Cast. In America, there is already out the 9th book =, but here, due to the time translation takes, there is a big delay....Anyway I love this series and I cant wait the 5th book to come out-its called Hunted...

I havent posted OOTD for like ten days, but thats not a problem, cause most of them were pretty boring..Last saturday, I wore my first cap of the year! A black, knitted one....I have some photos below..
I also bought a nail polish, and a lip-gloss. Both nail polish and  lip-gloss have the same colour..There are some photos below as well. Then, I bought a black jacket, which I'm going to wear tonight!


  1. I read the first House of Night book, but they don't have any more at my library :(
    Your first two pictures have beautiful effects on them... so dreamy!


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