Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cinema, Books and Fashion Magazines

This is a random song, that I heard this morning and it got stuck in my mind....

Anyway, I went to cinema on Friday (and on Saturday as well :P) to watch Breaking Dawn. It was a great movie, I really enjoyed it!

I really don't know why the top looks like green in the 1st picture. I wore a simple pair of jeans, a  blue top, my shiny cardi, a cute cap and these gloves :) I hope u like it.

I also finished 1st book of Blue Bloods and I started reading the second one. It's pretty interesting actually!
Today the new Vimadonna ( fashion magazine) came out, and I have already read it! It was not as interesting as some previous ones though......

Anyway, I am planning to do a post about Manhattan cosmetics, that I really like, but i just don't know when!
Never mind though, it's not a big deal, probably I'll find some time tomorrow!!!

Until then......Have a nice day, Elen :)


  1. I love the top. the color flatters your fair skin...


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