Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Party

We will be making a theatrical show at school and it wil contain a tea party scene.... I'm totally obsessed with tea parties, so I got REALLY excited when they announced the idea. They also ask someone to be responsible for the music, and since I love mixing songs and choosing soundtracks, I offered....The thing is that I dont know what to do now! Anyway, we have done almost...5 rehearsals until now, and i must say that the kids playing ar a bit funny, they cant do their job very well, so I started to think that the whole thing might turn out to be a disastrous comedy, instead of a romantic story.........

I love these dresses here.

That girl is so elegant.

Nice hats.

Nothing to comment on. I love it.

This one iis not as good as the previous ones.

I have only chosen a single song for it- Tea party by Kerli....

Take care, Elen :)


  1. Awesome post! I'd love to be in a photoshoot like that. Fab inspiration, girl. :)

  2. Dressing up in fabulous costumes sounds so exciting, I like the last inspiration pic the most. I hope the show goes well for you.

  3. I love that song!
    Your blog is nice, will of course follow you back!

  4. sure we can follow each other If you want:)

    Wish you a nice weekend

  5. Love them too, great post. Thanks for your comment, I like your blog too and I´m following you in GFC and BLOGLOVIN, don´t forget to follow me back dear. Love your back screen.Kisses from


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