Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not just entertainment...

Today was a completely different Sunday for me....I didnt sleep all morning, and then stuck to pc screen, instead I had a very productive day.
Me and some other girls, decided to go to the girls' orphanage of my town, for lunch, since we were invited by the director of the place.She is the manager of the camp we go at summer, so she was extremely friendly with us, and all of the girls there were very hospitable. We had brought many presents to them, such as clothes, and a couple of videogames.... Ms Demetra, the manager, was completely ignorant of our intentions, so she didn't expect it. All the girls were soooooo happy when we gave them the presents! And I am happy I spent some of my pocket money for such a good cause :)
We went early in the morning, so they had prepared breakfast, some very tasty home-made croissants, a greek delicacy called bougatsa, some milk and the atmosphere was great....After the breakfast we watched two movies, one with some tigers, and then, the TinkerBell one.
One of the girls, Mary, had her birthday today, and she became 6 years old!!!! Oh, it was soo fun watching her blow the candles!!! We ate so much today, that I definitely got 1 kilo..... :/
after that, we played in the garden a bit, and then we went for lunch....A special italian pasta meal...It was AWESOME. REALLY. Everyone there was incredibly friendly, and I was a bit surprised by the quality of life those girls have. All of them (the older ones) have mobiles, they have playstation and other stuff like consoles, the house is very big, with lots of space, the cooks are very polite and they prepare tasty food.... The only thing that they don't have are they parents.....But they have two very wonderful ladies that spend all their fortunes at that house, and provide them an excellent life! AT the end of the day, we all thanked Ms. Stavroula and Ms. Demetra for the awesome day, we kissed the girls and we left.
Unfortunately, we didn't take any photos today, but next Saturday, I am going on trip with the other girls, and the girls from the orphanage, at Ioannina, a greek city. It is going to be real cold however, and I am a bit worried, cause I don't have many warm clothes.....

Anyway, good night sweethearts!! :)


  1. That sounds like a really wonderful day! Productive and fun!

  2. What a great way to spend the day! Not only you were able to get productive and enjoy, but also you were able to help and make those kids smile. :) Have a lovely Valentine's Day Elen!

    Always, Cherry.

    PS- I like the new layout and the blog's name.

  3. Aww what a nice weekend :-) I am glad to see there are lovely people in the world. Happy Valentine's Day xo

  4. your awesome! followed right back - I am excited for your next post!

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  5. merci! well it was my first time skiing, it's a little hard at the beginning but it's really fun :)

  6. Eline, I do hope you have not forgotten me as a blogger, hehe ^.^ (by the way, Comptine D'un Autre Ete has been on my top 25 most played for years now, great song choice!!).

    I know I have been absent for 2 months, that was due to multiple reasons. One is that receiving 3 awards on my last post Jan. 7th was a little overwhelming, so many rules to follow, ack >.<

    The main reason was because of the cat I mentioned to you before I took the long break. A day after my last post on Jan. 7th I met this cat on the street. It was cold back then, as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit and the little kitten was homeless and shivering. She sat right in front of me as I was trying to take videos of birds. We stared at each other for a good half minute until nearby noises scared her away. After that encounter, I put food out everyday for two weeks at the same spot I saw her. The can of food would always be empty the night after. I made some friends along the way and they helped my capture the kitten. Since she was a wild kitten, it was like having a little wild tiger in the house. She needed a lot of attention to integrate into household living since she is usually overstressed from trying to dodge cars and finding food and shelter during the cold times of January.

    We have bonded and she is settled now, still rough around the edges, but that's alright with me ^.^
    I hope I get back to updating my blog, I didn't put the reward icons on my blog yet because I want to thank the people who has given them to me first. Hopefully, I'll get that done and start blogging cat pics! t(^.^t)

    Thank you once again for the great awards. It's like getting a golden star in class back in the good'ol days ^.^

    I miss the blogging society :(

    Today is the first day I decided to do some blogging activity, I don't now when I will update my actual blog though.

    Enough about that,
    How have you been? The orphanage sounds really nice :D
    It's been a while since you've updated so I hope your not taking a long break too >.<

  7. I miss you Elen! I have tag questions for you on my blog... pls check it out.

  8. Such an amazing day!

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