Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My own Converse Collection...

HI there!! It's been a while since the last time I posted something about clothes, but yesterday a recieved a present... It was one more pair of Converse- All Star, which now is the 8th pair I possess. It is really nice, purple....

Like everytime I buy something new, I took some photos, only that this time I took photos of the whole collection.. For some -unknown!- reason, I try to make every photo I take, a bit more artistic, and now that picnik is closing and so it has made the premium options free, I use it quite a lot. Luckily, it is closing on April 19th, so I have enough time to process many photos.

My Converse Collection. Butterflies, Stars, Love and Bees, Santa Claus, Stripes, Pink, Black jeans, Checked, Paul Frank, Purple.

In case you haven't noticed, the black jeans one, with the checked fabric inside, is bought from ZARA, and the one with Julio the monkey, is bought from The Paul Frank Store, in The Mall, Athens.

Now some random photos of these shoes:

Converse shoes. I love them...

Simply put, I love Converse shoes..

Once More, These are my converse shoes.

Probably the most clear and artistic one, from my converse shoes collection.

Random Converse shoes views.

Converse All Star by Chuck Taylor...

Converse all star, my collection...

I have also bought this summer, from Netherlands, another pair of Converse, though it isnt All Star...

converse, brown leather, pink checked wool.

Converse! brown leather, pink checked wool.

Ok That is it, with the converse Shoes!!! Have a nice afternoon!!


  1. I wish these suited me, they are gorgeous! Great collection :-)

  2. oh my gosh I'm so jealous! you have awesome converse :D
    I like the star and plaid ones.


  3. Wow! Converse All-Star sneakers are my favorites too. In fact, I owned 1 pair of blue in high school and another pair of black in college. They were my feet's best friend. Very comfy. I'm so jealous of your collection Eline!

  4. Oui c'est moi dessus :D merci !
    Tu parles très bien le français :)

  5. wow! I would love to have such flats! I need them badly when I am on my travel mode :) lovely blog and I would love us to follw each other - if you think it would be awesome follow me once you followed and will follow back.

    xoxo -


  6. Oh ! Tu as une très jolie collection ;D

  7. Hey, i know it's been a while but did you buy your brown and pink leather converse in your usual size or did you have to down or up a size? Would really appreciate if you get back to me!! Thanks!!!


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