Thursday, February 02, 2012

Have a nice February!

And yes, it's finally February, which means we are one month closer to summer!!!!
It seems like yesterday when school started, lessons began, rainy weather came to replace the bright summer sun..... But still, those 4 months were not in the mood of winter...... I mean, there were some very sunny days, as well as some rainy ones... But no snow at all.... and what's more characteristic of winter than some snow?????

The first two days of February were really white, and February arrived with much snow, enough for schools to close. Winter paid us back for all these months that were somewhere in the middle. Snowy weather by no means is more pleasurable than lying on the beach and running in the sand, but yet it is quite enjoyable especially if you are with good friends. Then you have everything you need for a nice white day. My beginning of February wasn't so nice, since right now I have fever, and I must attend to the english and french lessons in the afternoon. Bliech, I hate fever...
 Anyway, here are some inspiring photos.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I really like the one with the eiffel tower.
    Hope you feel better soon :)



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