Friday, March 23, 2012

Brighter Than You Think..

These days the sun was very bright - so much that I already got a little tan and a blonder hair. Actually we went on a school trip yesterday, so I had to buy new sunglasses, since I can't find anywhere my old raybans.... Today we didnt have school, so I invited some friends home and we took a couple of photos...Here you are!

Just a note- the jacket ia purple, not blue!!!! The last photo is unedited, so you see how bright it is today :)

Eyewear- Bershka 9.99
Jacket- Reebok
Blouse- Bershka 7.99



  1. Really cute sunglasses! I am definitely enjoying the sun and warmer weather! :)

  2. Omorfa gialakia!

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    MaryKapsi for TheFashionGuitar

  3. Hiya, so it's Elen now?
    I guess I've been gone for too long =P but it seems like you are taking a pretty long break as well.
    Don't tell me you're quitting blogspot >.<
    I've made a post thanking you and Liv for giving me the blogspot rewards :)
    I hope all is well!


  4. Hy beautiful! Love your post! what do u say about following each other?:X

  5. Amazing sunglasses!If you want we can follow also on bloglovin, fashiolista, google+, twitter and facebook?
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  6. Ωραιες φωτογραφιες!

  7. Lovely girl!!
    Much love,


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